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Blood moon: Difficult to see lunar eclipse carries apocalyptic fears

Blood moon from 2007
Blood moon from 2007
Peter Gaylard from Australia

A blood moon will occur on April 15 as a total lunar eclipse takes over the night sky. According to CBS Local, it's going to be difficult to see the eclipse here in Boston because of cloudy skies in the area. The last lunar eclipse was in 2011 so many people are excited to get a rare glimpse but many of them are going to have a hard time seeing through cloud cover.

Because of the location of the earth, sun, and moon during this lunar eclipse, the moon will appear a reddish-orange color which gives it the name "blood moon." At around 1:20 a.m., the moon will make its move. Over the next four hours, the moon will change as it moves past the earth's shadow. The best time to see the blood moon will be at about 3:07 a.m.

The blood moon doesn't only represent a "cool" color changing night-time spectacular. For many, a blood moon symbolizes something more -- something religious. According to USA Today, many different religions believe that the lunar eclipse signifies the end of the world. Some believe that the second coming of Christ is inevitable.

There are many prophecies that reference the blood moon and some people believe that the occurrence is more than just something to look at. For most, however, they know that April 15 holds nothing more than the inevitable Tax Day. It is still interesting to hear about the different beliefs and contemplate the possibilities nonetheless.

There will be more blood moons coming over the next two years (three more in fact). Each one of them could mean something different depending on what you believe. Some may be easier to see than others but the time frame on each is similar -- so unless you are willing to stay up very late (or wake up very early), you likely won't even know that the moon didn't look white for a couple of hours.