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'Blood moon' lunar eclipse sparks 2014 end of days prophecies

A "Blood moon" eclipse aka Hunter's Moon, is appearing in the month of April, says NASA scientists. The 2014 total lunar moon eclipse is not without prophecy and apocalypse warnings. Some evangelists and contemporary prophets say a bloody moon is a sign of the end of days. Astronomers say it's just part of a regular and predictable cycle, citing an April 3 USA Today news report.

The moon passes through the earth's shadow to appear red during a total lunar eclipse August 28, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.
Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

A Blood moon lunar eclipse, unlike a Pink moon (eclipse showing less than two percent of the moon's surface) and the fabled Blue moon (third full moon in a full lunar season), is when the Earth's satellite takes on a crimson, copper, or reddish hue.

Essentially, the phenomenon occurs when Earth lines up between the moon and sun. As a result, solar rays are blocked from reaching the moon and cast a shadow on its surface, giving off a blood-red color. Some liken the event to an evening sunset over the ocean.

Wired Science says "This light is a projection of all the sunrises and sunsets happening on the Earth at this time, creating a spectacular cosmic show."

Science aside, there are those who believe the moon's blood-like color is a sign of the end of the world. As Inquisitr points out, pastors Mark Blitz and John Hagee are sending chilling warnings to their congregations. Reportedly, they point to Biblical scripture, which suggests the coming moon phase points to the coming of Jesus Christ when all shall stand in judgment.

What side of this argument are you on?

The Blood moon total lunar eclipse takes place on April 15 about 3:07 a.m. EST. However, those on the West Coast and Asia will get an early glimpse of the full one-hour phase.


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