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Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles -Psychostick is almost here

Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles - TOUR HITS MILWAUKEE AUGUST 20TH
Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles - TOUR HITS MILWAUKEE AUGUST 20TH
Psychostick Camp

I can only count to 4. Four more days until the outrage begins in Newport , Ky. The Psychostick tour begins.

The beer guzzling will begin early in Milwaukee, WI on August 20th, when the Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles tour seizes THE RAVE.

One- Eyed Doll, not a band for the squeamish. CAUTION- might get rocked down to the floor.

The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner did, the last time this bizarre band hit the stage at The Rave.

One- Eyed Doll causes a frenzy , no matter what night, or venue, brave enough to house , this not so holy band. Entertainment never before experienced.

Wild Throne, a band I yet have to see, receiving lots of buzz web wide, will also be in house at the haunted Rave.

That brings us to our featured act-rowdie, wrangled, and full of vigor, Psychostick will be carousing , with their cult-like following. Wear a costume, because Halloween starts early this year. Be there -or don't be anywhere -because you will added to the un-cool list- if you're not-

Psychostick is in studio ready to blow us all away-I am sure -

From the band- PSYCHOSTICK

We are a dumb, heavy, stupid, awesome, sexy, hungry band-

Most high school friends lose contact and drift apart when they graduate from high school. But what would happen if two crazy friends who loved metal went on to createa metal band? Not just any metal band, but a metal band with a crazy sense of humor?

The result is Psychostick: a comedy metal (self-proclaimed "humorcore") band with areputation for having hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics, and a high energy performance. The music successfully crosses a level of heaviness and aggression foundin bands such as Chimaira, Machine Head, and Hatebreed with the wit and humor of The Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, and Weird Al Yankovic.
It all started when Rob Kersey and Josh Key decided to take the crazy sense of humor that only two best friends can share, and throw it onto a canvas of heavymusic. "I noticed that we had a different view of metal than other metalheads... we found certain things about it funny", Kersey confesses.

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Tickets available at THERAVE.COM

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