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Blondie boycotts Sochi Olympics

Blondie performs live at the State Theatre, October 2012
Blondie performs live at the State Theatre, October 2012
Courtesy of Christina Smart, Copyright C. Smart 2012

Rock legends Blondie are boycotting the Sochi Olympics, citing Russia's stance on civil rights.

In a tweet sent out on Blondie's official Twitter page last week, a photo of a contract proposal for the band to perform at Russia's Red Rocks Festival contained the words "PASS" and "HUMAN RIGHTS" scrawled across it while hash tagging '#pass4humanrights' and '#Sochi2014'.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry stated the reason behind the band's protest of the Sochi Olympics. “Blondie has always been a part of the downtown community in NYC, with many, many friends who represent alternative lifestyles. We feel very strongly about these friendships and associations, and don’t feel good about participating in a situation where biases and prejudices are paramount."

Blondie's performance would have taken place today at the main stage of the 25,000 capacity Sochi Medals Plaza.

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