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Blonde beauty steals show in Keith Urban 'Cop Car' video

To delight of fans, Keith Urban releases video for "Cop Car"
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Keith Urban’s latest single “Cop Car” may give the wrong impression when you first hear the title, but the video, released January 27 via Keith’s website, clears it all up. The story isn’t about hardened criminals, but rather two young people falling in love.

The video for “Cop Car” places a blond beauty in the car with her handsome beau and like young lovers sometimes do, they set aside their better judgement when driving past a No Trespassing sign near an airport. The scenes of the couple, who clearly just want an up-close view of planes taking off and a private place to hang their legs off a tailgate and look into each other’s eyes, alternate with scenes of Keith Urban playing his guitar in a spacious barn, the cross beams forming an archway above his head.

It’s easy to see why the young man in the story would fall in love with the blond female lead in the video. Between her white-blond hair blowing in the wind, her huge, expressive eyes and the spunk she displays when the cops show up to bust them, she could surely mesmerize a guy. And according to E!Online, this young lady has already cast her spell on her real life boyfriend—the guy playing opposite her in the video!

The real-life chemistry was something Keith Urban looked for before filming this video and it certainly worked. Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” video easily hooks younger viewers and sweetly reminds older fans of those younger years when risks were taken and rules bent, just a little, all in the name of love. Keith Urban never fails to deliver songs that are rich with emotion while maintaining a rhythm that keeps people singing along.

Check out the complete video for “Cop Car” on Keith Urban’s site or via YouTube.

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