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Blogging your way to better email marketing

Blogging your way to better email marketing
Blogging your way to better email marketing

At the heart of successful email marketing is a quality, comprehensive email list. Unfortunately, many businesses large and small lack the know-how to build said list in their online marketing efforts.

But according to a new entry on the PayAnywhere blog, the trusted mobile payments provider for small businesses in the U.S. says there are many underutilized tactics for boosting email list signups.

So what are some of the top tips recommended?

  • Use a Feature Box

If you don't already have one, a Feature Box (the area between your header and your content) on your blog can give you a significant increase in subscribers. You can also build a Feature Box in WordPress with widgets.

  • Offer a Freebie with Signup

Most people enjoy getting something for nothing. If you have an eBook, whitepaper or special report that's associated with your business, you can give it away free to anyone who signs up for your email list. One great way to increase email list signups with this tactic is to offer your free eBook or other bonus right in your Feature Box.

  • Provide Subscribers with Exclusive Content

If you're fresh out of eBooks to give away, or your business doesn't really lend itself to long-form content, you can entice more subscribers by offering them exclusive content (like a regular newsletter, video content or read-it-first links) that isn't published to general visitors.

  • Use Plugins to Generate Leads

For small business blogs running on the WordPress platform, there are several plugins that will help you increase email list signups with professional opt-in boxes and forms.

  • Call Attention with an Unobtrusive Popup

Many people are using lightbox-style popups that gray out the rest of the page - which can work, but can also really annoy your visitors unless they're done well. Luckily, there's a more unique way to attract subscribers with popups. The free Hello Bar is a narrow strip that "pops up" along the top edge of your blog. You can customize this to either direct visitors to your signup page, or have them enter their email address directly in the bar.

For more tips courtesy of PayAnywhere and Small Business Trends, click here.

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