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Blogging the Texas Libertarian Party Convention

Report Announce Publicize Photograph Video Blog your libertarian activity in this space! Contact the Dallas Libertarian News
Report Announce Publicize Photograph Video Blog your libertarian activity in this space! Contact the Dallas Libertarian News
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The Libertarian Party of Texas is staging its annual State Convention this year in Temple, Texas from April 11-13, 2014.

This year along with all of the other activities there are plans for a "Bloggers Row."

The Dallas Libertarian Examiner was honored to receive an invitation from the Texas LP to participate in Bloggers Row and was informed that a seat would be reserved for him.

Unfortunately, being primarily an Armchair Activist these days and therefore unlikely to travel that far afield for even this premier event an alternative arrangement became necessary.

Therefore, a search has been launched for an unpaid, unofficial representative (aka "stringer") willing to attend the convention and send written reports, photos, videos, interviews and the like back to the Metroplex for publication in the Dallas Libertarian Examiner.

A candidate from the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area capable of wielding a keyboard able and eager to attend the Texas Libertarian Party State Convention will receive full name credit in all articles for which his or her submitted materials are used, a hardy thank you, and little else.

If this sounds like too fantastic a deal to pass up the aspiring reporter is asked to contact Dallas Libertarian Examiner immediately.

The reportorial representative will get an outlet, a wireless access, credentials from the Texas LP and a seat at the convention.

Beyond that, the standing invitation to all Libertarian Party Candidates, party activists, voluntaryists, and all other advocates of the Modern American Libertarian Movement is still and always open: Send reports, announcements, photos, videos, upcoming events and press releases for activities taking place in North Texas and let everyone else know what you and/or your group is doing in and around the Metroplex to help promote the cause of real freedom.

"The price of justice is eternal publicity" and Dallas Libertarian Examiner always aims to be Publicity Central for North Texas.

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