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Blogging are you here for business or pleasure

To blog or not to blog
To blog or not to blog
Wendy Spickerman

Recently I started my 30 Day Blog Challenge giving those first time bloggers a chance to understand just what blogging possibilities are out there. With the New Year here most people set new year resolutions to join a gym, save money and eat right. But when you put your marketing cap on will you be blogging?

Content marketing and blogging go hand in hand. However one of the biggest mistakes seen that stop people in their tracks from doing something, is when they read an article about what they are interested in doing and all these abbreviations are thrown in like they are supposed to know what ROI is. What is the ROI of blogging? For those thousands of people I just lost ROI stands for 'return of investment'. You can read the full definition here ----> ROI to get a better understanding.

Having proved my point, people don't set out to confuse us but have a tendency to do so without knowing that's the case. Someone who has been writing marketing articles for a while now may forget that their reading audience may be filled with first timers who don't know the entire lingo (meaning words which are used).

We will strive to always consider those more experienced and those trying something out for the first time. In fact it is strongly suggested when subscribing to this particular online marketing examiner that you really start at the beginning. Their very first article 'How to pick the right social media platform for you' and work your way through to the most recent article posted.

If you're experienced with content marketing by all means skim through and find what you need. You can always go back and read another article when you have more time.

For those of you who never blogged before the first thing you should do is pick a blogging platform. There's wordpress, squarespace, tumblr, blogger and more. The majority of these platforms is very easy to use and is free while others require you to purchase web hosting. Square Space is a premium - only blog platform.

You may be asking yourself is it really worth it? What is the 'return of investment'? Didn't think that was going to be thrown in for no reason did you? Well simply put, 'Those who don’t have blogs rely on their social media sites to reach their targeted audience and those audiences are owned by those social media sites.'

Social media sites controls how many people liked your page or actually saw your posts. Whereas if you have a blog and your audience 'subscribes, follows or likes you' you control your audience 100%. That's a pretty good incentive for that return of investment.

Ever hear that saying 'You never get something for nothing'? It's very true! You have to put the time in creating your blog content in order to receive a return on your hard work. If you don't have the time then you might think about hiring someone to write it for you but the cost is going to vary; some charge $90.00 - $250 per post and that's not including all the research they do, verifying the information, editing, responding to comments and more.

Don't get discouraged! People hear about cost and they freeze up. There are plenty of top businesses that keep blogs like Turkey Hill ice cream and Delta airlines. What you need to decide is, are you blogging for business or pleasure!

Maybe you're a company who really has your game hat on and you just want to find a way to step up the game plan. You decide a blog would be great but you don't want it to be all business. Some really great blogging companies out there add a lot of personal content to their company blogs. It makes their target audience feel more connected to them.

Other businesses decide to keep it professional they need that extra sales pitch so while they keep it business their content is catchy and enjoyable.

Remember however you decide to do it, it's really up to you. Take a look at what it is your target audience really likes about you and go from there. You can always change things up down the road. Say you've got a ton of subscribers yet no one is commenting, sharing or liking your posts. Change it up see if you can't draw them into conversation.

Maybe you've had a blog for some time and the problem lies with the fact you're running out of content. This happens all the time. Don't give up research what all your family, friends and co-workers are following and why. Ask questions; find out what people would like to read about.

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