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Blogger Regan Lee starts new year with UFO sighting

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The new year was barely moments old when Regan Lee had already experienced a UFO sighting. 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' obtained statements about the incident via email Thursday from the paranormal blogger, as well as comments about her esoteric interests and plans for the future.

The sighting

According to Lee's blog, 'The Orange Orb', she and some others were on the porch of her home in Eugene, Ore., watching fireworks as 2014 arrived. The display stopped, and a few minutes after midnight Lee spotted what she described as a large object coming towards the group.

"This thing which I assumed was a plane, though an odd one, was moving upwards," Lee wrote early the morning of Jan. 1 at 'The Orange Orb'. "Cylinder shaped, with bright - really bright - orange lights, or more like, the whole thing was one orange light. I didn't see any other lights like a plane would have - no red, white, etc."

She explained Thursday to 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' that she looked for characteristics as would be on a plane, such as wings and a tail, but saw none. Neither did the object make any sound.

"It was orange, either one light or a few, but so close together it looked like one," Lee explained. "It came from the east, headed west, rose upwards. As it did so, dimmed - no lights, or color, except a bare grayish kind of light.

"Then it descended, and looked white. I had gone to get the binocs, looked through them, the object now was round, whitish with a blue tinge and kind of translucent. Headed northwest. Watched it til it was gone from my sight."

Writer and witness

Regan Lee is no stranger to the paranormal community. She writes for 'UFO Magazine', is a columnist at Binnall of America and maintains several blogs, including 'Octopus Confessional' where she keeps a finger on the pulse of Big Brother. She has spoken openly over the years about her own experiences and UFO sightings, one of which inspired the title of 'The Orange Orb'.

Several years ago Lee and her husband experienced what they would each later describe as the sighting of a flying orange orb. Each interpreted missing time but, curiously, some details would later seem fuzzy, such as exactly when and how it happened. Lee did not feel the confusion detracted from the strangeness of the circumstances, but added to it.

"To this day we argue over some details," Lee explained Thursday, "but we both agree that we had missing time and about the object itself. Single orange sphere/light - rather the object lit from within, so it seemed.

"Also, after that I had terrifying dreams for a while. Dreams where I'm standing outside, a beam of bright white light, so bright I can see through things, beaming down on me from above. I am absolutely terrified, and screaming, 'Let me go!', but I can't move. They, or something, is preventing me from moving. I also know that Jim, my husband, is gone, they have him, but won't let me go to him. I keep screaming, 'What have you done with him??!!', but it, or they, don't care what I think or feel. They just keep me there, paralyzed, under that beam."

Possibilities and perspectives

Lee stated that she thinks the UFO sighting early Wednesday morning was likely due to something man-made.

"I think, after thinking about it, it was a drone of some kind or something of ours. I find the timing of the sighting with recent news items about Oregon being one of nine states selected by the FAA to do drone research interesting, and today, another item on OSU [Oregon State University] taking part in drone technology."

What about the orange orb sighting?

"Oh, that is a long story! I have no explanation - how to explain missing time? Either it was aliens or government. I find it perfectly reasonable that our government would experiment on us like that. Could be, or not. I really do not know. But, continuing down that rabbit hole, there is the fact both I and my husband have had a life time of UFO and generally paranormal experiences since childhood, including shared missing time years before the orange orb event."

It was such personal circumstances that led Lee to have substantial empathy for those who report paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings. She consistently demonstrates a great deal of willingness to accept the existence of non-human intelligence as a foregone conclusion.

"I know that there are non-human entities about. Around us, with us, aware of us. That's a given. That's not an argument or open to debate. UFOs as well. Question is, what are they, why are they? What do they want? How are we connected to this?"

Lee expressed continuing surprise at the number of people who seek a single conclusive explanation for such mysteries.

"I am still surprised at the expectation of many who think there's one answer to all this. Once we explain UFOs with a theory: they're from Mars, they're from our subconscious, they're the government, they're time travelers, there's this idea that, well, that's it, problem solved. Answered and done with.

"When really sometimes UFOs are aliens from other planets. Sometimes they're more paranormal, sometimes they're our own technology, sometimes they're non-human entities that aren't ET but not us, either. It's like a dancing ball with dozens of faces, showing us one, then another. It's all of those things, yet no one thing is 'the' answer.

"I also think there's an intelligent energy that plays on all that, and then plays with us - or messes with us - knowing we'll chase after whatever scenario is presented."

The exploration of UFOs has an ongoing learning curve, Lee suggested, with many perspectives and approaches.

"No one can speak for another, we all have to go at it and figure it out on our own. While there are a lot of ideas I don't agree with or care much about, like exo-politics, or disclosure, or the time travel theory to explain aliens, I don't get bothered by them. I don't take it personally.

"What does really bug me are the self-elected UFO Police who mandate what is - and what isn't - valid UFO fodder. The ones who decide what is serious and what isn't, etc. The whole UFO phenomena is full of contradictions, as most esoteric stuff is. UFOs are both very, very serious, and not one damn bit serious at all!"

What does 2014 have in store for Regan Lee?

"Keep working away at this stuff! I feel optimistic about that. For a long while, since last spring, I was feeling burnt out I guess, feeling that I had nothing to say, uninspired. It's not that I wasn't interested, but I was just... something. Apathetic. But recently I feel that I've been reawakened to things. Thinking a lot about the connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena and UFOs, among other ideas. For example, I've gone back to one of my passions, oracle and tarot, and have been doing readings again. I've started my own business doing readings."

Lee stated that she might do some traveling, maybe visit some popular Fortean and UFO sites. Other than that, she concluded, "We'll see."



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