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BLOG: The many purposes of quality eye-makeup

I love good quality makeup. I've decided to stay away from naming brands but I will say that good quality makeup is simply irreplaceable. Eye makeup, especially, holds a dear place to my heart. Why so?

Here's a secret the beauty world doesn't tell and science does. Eyes are the most sensitive areas of the face. Applications that go around the eyes, usually, are designed to be more careful and considerate about and with the sorts of chemicals contained.

Since the rest of the skin is in a much more stronger position than eyes, eye-makeup can indeed be applied to the skin without short-term adverse effects. As I will mention later, long-term effects need further research.

I am not speaking about cleansers, toners, etc. These I believe are especially important and designed for the skin. There is no short-cutting good skin care.

I am speaking about shadows, highlights and contours that are so commonly applied to eyes. They too can be applied to the cheeks and the surrounding area of significance. For example, my favorite blush and highlighter, currently, are not packaged in labels that have the words "blush" or "highlighter" written. They are, well, an eye shadow and a highlighter designed for eyes. The pigment simply comes out the right way and has an ethereal effect when applied to and near the cheek areas.

Is this safe for certain? No, I do not have any scientists backing me on this. I will, however, edit this entry for my readers and myself with any information about the many uses of certain eye-makeup. However, for now, I will emphasize (with bold): Do not take my words in this blog peice as a scientist advocating the use of eye makeup on different areas of the face. I am speaking as an artist right now.

Remember, while we are creating an art out of makeup, we must not forget the science. Until the update to this page, have a wonderful spring week ahead LA!



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