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BLOG: Shocking pink or bright pink lips for the summer

This is for the girly girls who know that LA summers have a heat wave that cannot be beaten alone. There, however, could be some zen for the face all the while maintaining a wonderful summer glow.

Consider going pink. Bright pink. Shocking pink. I do not mean the subtle pale pink that usually make its appearance in winter or spring. I'm speaking of the bold bright pink, the shocking pink, a name all to well deserved.

It works during the day if everything else is kept light and subtle. This would mean natural cheeks, possibly with a bit of blush. This would also include simple eyes, maybe even bare lids with mascara. However, it could also work in the evening, with the addition of some more dramatic eye-makeup, as well as contouring and highlighting for the face.

The color also shares an additional value-it works with outfits that are either contrasting or complementary. Bright apparel or the classic little black dress all work wonderfully and are equally well paired with these lips.

There is a bit of a warning that goes along with these daring lips. Make sure the shade of brightness is well matched with your hair color and skin tone. Fairer skin tones would not have to chose a very bright pink for a dramatic effect. However, darker hair and darker skin tones may get away with more brighter shades without overpowering the intended effect of beauty. To put it simply, tread carefully with the shade of brightness for the lip color and make certain that it is right for your skin tone and hair color specifically. Lip colors, as with any make-up color selection, should never be overbearing.

Other than that, the philosophy for this summer may be to let the lips do the talking this summer season..and say everything best by saying nothing at all.

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