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BLOG: Midnight blue or emerald green eyeliners

Eyeliners are the key ingredient for dramatic eye looks as well as subtle eye looks. What two colors are heavily relied upon with eyeliners? Black and dark browns. Cat eyes, dark shadows all thrive on the art of carefully maneuvering a thick, albeit beautifully, drawn in line across the outer rim of upper eyes (and possibly lower eyes). For the summer days in the heat and water danger near the beach, water-proof eyeliners in black and browns are a simple to way to decorate bare and natural eyes.

However, the extensive and far reaching effects of eye-liner noted above are nothing new. As thriving artists, it is important to update, and it is important to update in a way that keeps with the time. All the while, it is just as important to keep in mind the tasteful elegance in our creations.

This is why this summer is time to trade in the usual colors for eye-lining and opt for a somewhat brighter effect that still respects the dull dark shades we so thrive upon for their neutral effects. Both midnight blue and emerald green give barely a hint of color, but nevertheless, it is color. The shimmer of highlights given by the barely there hues uplifts eye colors. However, it avoids the little girl mess when playing with makeup.

There are many ways to make the art of eye-lining more creative. One way that may be especially helpful while applying is selecting shades that could blend well with one another and are next door to the other on the color wheel. With precision needed blending, the colors may become more prominent without too much of a notice. Another idea is to use shadows of brown and beige with the dark blues and green as the eye-lining. Here there is a level of contrast to be appreciated. With that said, now some words of caution. These are not neutral colors completely. Therefore, applying too much, especially with other shadows, may create a color chaos. Each addition of color should be monitored and added slowly to make sure that the face has not become a storage area for crayons.

Remember to curl the lashes and add mascara. Let your eyes be what is seen, not the ones participating in the seeing!

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