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Blog contest: Guess the weight of a beet and win a Petty knife

You can win great prizes online.
You can win great prizes online.
barbie garrett

I know this is not my cooking column! However, even social media afficianados have to eat. A really nice knife would be great, would it not? All you have to do is visit a blog and guess the weight of a beet. It is a very big beet!

Bag some loot

If you browse Facebook regularly, you will see all kinds of contests that various sites, big and small, are sponsoring to get attention. The prizes are often very nice, and this Petty knife is a quality piece of cutlery. You should be on the lookout for other opportunities to win some prize money or just score some great stuff.

Blogs: where the good stuff is

This blog is called, "White on Rice Couple." They cover a little bit of everything, but food and gardening are paramount. Photography is featured, too, and the site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You may like it and want to bookmark it and return later, who knows? They describe themselves this way, "We’re in Los Angeles and are full-time photographers, film-makers, freelance journalists and cooking instructors."

It's free, so why not?

Go ahead, make a guess! It's like a "jelly-bean-in-a-jar" contest at a birthday party. the contest ends at midnight on Sunday, September 26, Pacific time. If you share the contest on Twitter, you will receive another entry. The entry must be in grams, so remember that 1 pound = 453.592 grams. The guess should take into consideriation that the beet has been trimmed of its leaves first. Ok, so you do have to do math...

Win a pace car

If a knife doesn't excite you, how about the The 2010 Ford Mustang Bristol Motor Speedway Pace Car worth $32,000? You can enter here for a chance to win, and it will only cost $10.00. The contest is a charity drive, and the money raised benefits the Bristol Chapter of the Speedway Children's Charities.

A Shark Race at the Sharky 500

On October 16, the Sharky 500 returns to Bristol Motor Speedway. There will be a plastic shark race in Beaver Creek that runs between the speedway and the dragway. The first shark to cross the finish line wins, and the owner wins the pace car. There are other nice prizes to be awarded to the top finishers, as well. You can buy your shark online here, or you can drop by Grand Piano Furnishings, Mellow Mushroom, or the Bristol Motor Speedway offices.

You don't even have to be there to win!

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Guess the weight of the beet here.

Enter to win the Pace car here.


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