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BLOG: Cheeks-subtle emphasis, stellar effects

Cheeks are often the overlooked on the part of the make-up palettes, and unfortunately so.

Subtle effects, or dramatic ones, hint at the personality.

Most basic and familiar is the effect of blushes. From rouges to bare, the highlights of cheekbones and shiny smiles extend all the way to these protruding bones. Limited, blues and greens are altogether avoided in these areas. However, creative makeup artists know limitation is only to those who cannot see what yet has not been created. Enhanced shades and hues of pinks, reds, oranges, beiges now take on an altogether new and more detailed meaning here.

While indeed blushes may be the priority focus for the cheeks, highlights and contouring are equally important for a finished and polished look. Highlights are different depending on the natural state of the skin- yet the subtle effect is there. The pleasant glow brightens up and refreshes the face, even if that altogether is not the current state in hectic life that is LA. Contouring gives the dimensions, that molds a makeup artist to a sculptorer. Even the act of choosing the perfect shades of highlights and contours requires a detailed knowledge of colors. To put it simply, just applying two shades darker foundation may not do the face justice at all, though some sort of contouring effect may be there. No, blending, a careful transition that is barely noticed and yet creates such an overall impact, is an art and practice that may indeed distinguish makeup artists above all.

Although ignored, cheeks are as important to the face as are eyes, eyebrows, lips and the general structure of the face. To ignore or overlook their importance is to do a grave sin to the pure art of makeup artistry.

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