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Blog book tours

Hosting blog book tours is one way to get your name as a writer recognized around the world.
Hosting blog book tours is one way to get your name as a writer recognized around the world.

Now what has blog book tours to do with writing? Everything! It’s part of the marketing and promotional legwork a writer must institute in order to survive in this business.

These are just some tips to follow when planning or seeking a host for your blog book tour:

1. find blogs that connect to the theme/elements/genre of your book

2. offer them available dates for your blog book tour for them to pick and choose

3. give the host the following in your book tour media kit:

• the jpeg of your book
• title and genre
• direct purchase link
• your website
• your back cover blurb
• a short excerpt
• if you have a jpeg of yourself
• your bio

Some hosts prefer to read and review the book ahead of schedule so be prepared to either send them a print or e-book version.

There are hosts who prefer to send you interview questions instead of using generic ones found in every blog hosting you.

Then you have those hosts who prefer you send them an article based on your book’s theme. For my tours for my middle grade novel Bubba and Giganto: Odds Against Us, I’ve written a few articles on its subject – bullying – and offered them to my hosts as additives along with the information I provide above.

There are blogs who may offer to host you for more than one day, splitting up each day with a different posting:

  • Post 1: Meet the author
  • Post 2: Read the book excerpt along with links back to reviews
  • Post 3: Either the article, interview or a day long Q & A with the author

You can offer the above suggestion to your potential hosts and see what they prefer. If you follow their blogs or taken the time to look over the past posts you’ll have a pretty good idea as to how they prefer to host a book tour.

Last thing they (your hosts) may ask - or you can beat them to the punch – if you are offering a door prize or hosting a contest. I’ve offered one free e-book version of one my novels to a reader who either leaves me a comment or question while on a tour. You have the choice – well actually, there are no rules or regulations – to either offer one grand door prize at the end of your blog, or one door prize in each hosted blog. This is entirely up to you, but readers get all excited and eager to see if they won your e-book. You should work out details as to whether or not you send the e-book version to the hostess and she’ll send it off to her reader or she’ll send you the name and email address of the winner and you contact them.

Whatever you do don’t forget to visit each blog that is touring you. Readers might be leaving you comments/questions and you want that interaction with them.

At the end of each blog tour make sure to leave a thank you – regardless how many left or didn’t leave comments – to the hostess and the readers.

Once you’ve booked your blog book tour remember to announce and post it in your website/blog/newsletter, and mention it in groups you are associated with. Post the dates and links to the blogs hosting you for everyone to bookmark and visit.

I always host tours and author promo days on The Writing Jungle. This not only helps fellow authors but helps to build my own platform. So if you have a blog, consider hosting a writer when asked.

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  • Cherie De Sues 5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for taking a lot of the mystery out of blog book tours. I'd love to host one and boy or boy I'd like to take a trip for the three novels and the anthology I'm in soon. I read you're taking some down time. Don't forget to talk to Terry at Romance in the Backseat. I gave her your website for MUSE and she sounded like a sock got stuck in her throat. Snicker. She LIKES your website and was bowled over by the publishers. Terry is quite a mover/shaker. Check out her website for She interviewed me and I sent her your great qualifications and said she needed to interview you, if you have the time. Talk later, Cherie

  • Karen Cioffi 5 years ago

    Lea, these are great tips. As a manager of an ongoing virtual touring and promotional group, I know you've covered all the basics of doing book tours.

    And, I agree, stopping by your hosts' sites during the tour is essential.

  • Lea Schizas 5 years ago

    Thank you, Karen and Cherie for stopping by.

    Cherie, I'm looking forward to Terry's email. Thank you.

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