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Blockbuster Christian movies: 'Son of God' and 'Heaven Is For Real'

Heaven is for Real....bestseller before it was a hit movie.
Heaven is for Real website

Christian movies are making a strong showing in 2014 "because Hollywood is realizing the interests of the people who live in this country," according to film producer Mark Joseph in remarks he made to Fox News recently. The success of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's film "Son of God" was a prime example.

Based on their History Channel blockbuster "The Bible" the Burnett-Downey effort has been a blockbuster hit at the box office while remaining true to Biblical truths, according to most ministers. "Son of God" earned almost $60 million domestically since its Feb. 28 release.

Recently the independently-produced movie "God's Not Dead" movie was among the top four grossing films at the American Box Office. Then on April 16, Sony released "Heaven is For Real" starring Greg Kinnear. That movie is based on the 2010 bestseller by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

In Heaven Is For Real Greg Kinnear is told by medical experts his son Colton is not expected to live. The four-year old not only survives the emergency surgery, but he also tells of seeing people in heaven. He tells an astonished Kinnear that he saw his grandfather who is deceased.

An amazed Kinnear shows him a picture of his dad in his later years and Colton said, "No, that doesn't look like him. Everybody is young in heaven."

Kinnear quickly shuffles through the family album and finds a picture of his dad in his younger days. Colton nods instantly and says, "That's him!"

He also explains a girl came up to him and said she was his sister.

Actress Kelly Reilly plays the role of wife Sonja Burpo. She is skeptical about her son's claims until he makes revelations about things he should know nothing about.

Kinnear, who plays a pastor and a volunteer fireman, must summon up the courage of his convictions to share his son's life-changing experience with the world. Probably the most significant fact is that Colton tells his dad he met Jesus while in heaven.

With the millenial generation's disdain for the printed word, movies may become increasingly significant in spreading the gospel.

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