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BLM selects three new members for the National Wild Horse Advisory Board


photo / Bureau of Land Management



A Bureau of Land Management press release has revealed the individuals selected to fill expired or empty positions on the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

 After a review of 51 nominations received, the BLM has selected H. Paul Durbin as a new appointee for the category of Wildlife Management, Timothy J. Harvey as a new appointee for the category of Humane Advocacy, and Gary Zakotnik as a re-appointed member for the category of Livestock Management.  These individuals will each serve three-year terms as members of the Advisory Board. 

The Advisory Board will soon see a total six new faces.  Nominations to fill the position categories of Natural Resource Management, Wild Horse and Burro Research, and Public Interest with special knowledge of equine behavior will be accepted until August 5 of this year.  It is widely anticipated the selection for the additional categories will take at least six months.  Todays press release gives a hint as to the qualifications needed to be selected by stating,  "Members of the board, who represent various categories of interests, must have a demonstrated ability to analyze information, evaluate programs, identify problems, work collaboratively, and develop corrective actions. "

A brief description of the new appointees is given as follows:


H. Paul Durbin, the new Wildlife Management appointee, is a retired financial professional and member of the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Arizona Elk Society.  Mr. Durbin, who lives in Chandler, Arizona, is a lifelong hunter, angler, and outdoorsman who appreciates the legacy and importance of the public lands. Mr. Durbin’s interest lies in the quality management of public land resources.  Mr. Durbin succeeds Larry Johnson of Black Eagle Consulting, Inc., who served until his position was filled. 


Timothy J. Harvey, the new Humane Advocacy appointee, lives in Campton, New Hampshire, and is the owner of Merry-Go-Round Pens, LLC, and a lessee/operator of a 78-stall facility.  A horse professional for more than 20 years, including extensive experience as a trainer, Mr.Harvey is also an established clinician and organizer for equine professional events.  His specialties include hoof care and colt starting.  He is an innovator and operator for a therapeutic riding program centered on fostering emotional well-being, primarily for abuse victims and people with anger management issues.  Mr. Harvey succeeds Richard Sewing, who passed away last year.


Gary Zakotnik, the re-appointed member for the category of Livestock Management, is a rancher who lives in Eden, Wyoming.  Mr. Zakotnik, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from the University of Wyoming, owns a cattle operation in western Wyoming and has permits with the BLM in allotments that include wild horses.  He has on-the-ground experience working with BLM allotment management plans, forage allocation, and rangeland monitoring to protect the land’s resources.









  • Cindi 5 years ago

    Need to object to Gary Zakotnik, he should not have any financial ties or biased interests (i.e., grazing leases) to the organization. In any professional organization, these ties are not allowed, at all. Speaks to the corruption already existing in the BLM.

  • Cheryl Hanna Pet Rescue Examiner 5 years ago

    I also take exception to Gary Zakotnik. How can he be objective? I do hope the advisory board acts in the best interests of the horses instead of certain lobbying and self interest groups as shown in the past.

  • PJ 5 years ago

    And, what exactly are Mr. Harvey's credentials for the Humane Advocacy position?

  • Observer 5 years ago

    And what does Mr. Durbin know about wildlife management? Any real world experience, coursework, anything? Or just a hunter who appreciates the public lands so he can go hunting and fishing? What does that have to do with managing wildlife, determining carrying capacity of the lands, evaluating health of the resources, etc...The advisory board is useless.

  • Suzanne Moore 5 years ago

    Good grief! THIS is a new direction? Where are the wild horse friendly people that were supposed to - finally! - be on this Board? This IS National WILD HORSE and BURRO Advisory Board, right? So what's with the ranchers, Big Horn Sheep hunters, etc.?

    Looks like the same-old-same-old to me.

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