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BLM is only another symptom


The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is just another finger of the Federal Government but a well placed finger can poke an eye out.

Stories like the Bundy Ranch are important to observe and ponder but they are just another planned distraction to occupy the masses while Government completes the agenda set by their elite puppeteers. Abuses by Government agencies is as common as us watching TV, it happens everyday every where. Only a grain of sand on a beach of corruption comes to our attention. Our country has immoral corruption cancer that has metastasized to every corner of our country. Yet we get fixated to a single cancer cell while we are being consumed by that remaining billions of cancer cells. We play right in to the cancers plan.

We have allowed those that represent us to be owned by big money elite motivated by the very greed and power our founders feared. They have become so powerful as to able to cover up the true causes of Benghazi’s and Flight 370’s and NOTHING will ever come of them yet we beat the dead horse with the aid of media and social media provide to us by those that perpetuate the agenda of the elite. They give us rope and we hang ourselves. It isn’t them causing the Bundy Ranch’s; it is us who allow them with our endless rehashing of stories and events we can not reverse. We can only prevent them with the actions of the masses not the few.

We need massive chemo therapy to rid ourselves of all cancer cells; we don’t need to waste our time and efforts on a single cancer cell like Bundy or Benghazi. Otherwise we will sure be overcome with cancer and die as a great country. Not in any way to discount the atrocities of Benghazi, Bundy, or IRS targeting but to avenge them by defeating the systemic cause which is the immoral corruption cancer assaulting the entire American Dream. This not about a single tragic event it is about a war on an immoral corrupt government controlled by elite drunk with wealth and power.

There are only a few treatments that will rid us of the cancer that consumes us. We can go the Chemo route via the insurance given us by our founders with the Second Amendment which will have terrible side effects. Or we can beat them at their own game by not giving those that wish to destroy our values our money. Don’t support anything to do with Hollywood or network television which only distract and brainwashes the masses. Don’t watch, read or visit media sites for they all (no exceptions) work for the same elite out to destroy us. Their world is all about money and power not, “We the People.”

There is a mass exodus of Americans’ with means leaving this country in huge numbers because they see the human nature of apathy and inaction of the masses much like we have seen with the defections of those fleeing communist countries. Many think we are doomed as Nation under God and history would back that up. No empire in decline has ever rebounded. We the People have the power to either prove history right or prove it wrong with the exceptionalism that once was known as the American Spirit of can do which via the weakness of cancer has now become can have it done to us ghost.

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