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Blizzard shows off updated World of Warcraft face options

World of Warcraft Updated Facial Customization-slide0

Today World of Warcraft art director Chris Robinson took to the Warcraft forums to discuss the updated facial customization options that will soon grace our beloved characters.

In the forum thread, we learn that the updated facial models weren't originally planned to be available for all races at launch. Instead, the idea was to update a few models and then patch in the remaining models down the road. Robinson admits that seeing a mix of quality and high-quality models side by side would have been less than ideal, so that idea was scrapped. Blizzard has since committed to getting all of the original character models updated before the launch of Warlords of Draenor.

"It’s been a monumental challenge for us, but we think the effort is worth it, and the finish line is nearly in sight.” - Chris Robinson, art director of World of Warcraft

Robinson went on to explain that a lot of the original facial options were just painted on. With the new high-quality models, we are now going to see models with lips, teeth, and fully articulated faces.

Also originally part of the “update-as-we-patch” plan were higher-quality facial customization options. According to Robinson, the new models were going to be released with their “base face” and would further release additional customizable options in later patches. Robinson acknowledged that this would have ruined the experience for a lot of players; so it was also scrapped in favor of giving the model update something for everyone.

In the photo gallery, there are three new images that show off the drastic changes that are being implemented in the playable character’s faces, complete with before and after shots. Be sure to check them out to get a close-up look at Blizzard’s hard work!

If you are interested in reading the entire forum thread, you may do so by clicking here.

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