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Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker

God is a god of love.
God is a god of love.

In true Dekker form, Blink of an Eye does not disappoint its reader. The story heralds the plight of Miriam, a young Saudi woman running from an arranged marriage with a man who promises not only to rip her life to shreds, but the country she loves as well. We also follow the story of Seth, an intelligent young man who develops precognitive powers. These two character's stories become intertwined, creating page turning drama and suspense.

Blink of an Eye bridges many different genres together into one amazing novel. Blending romance and fantasy with timely political intrigue, Blink of an Eye manages to appeal to a full range of readers. While not overtly theological in nature, there are many instances in the novel where its chief characters discuss God's existence and His will. A constant theme throughout the novel is the idea of predestination and how this contrasts with Seth's precognitive abilities, which allow him to see not just one future, but several possible futures.

Blink of an Eye gives readers an opportunity to see Christianity and Muslim interact in a way that leads to one final truth: God is a god of love. As the chief characters learn, if religions would behave in accordance with this knowledge, the world would be better off.

With its political and religious overtones, Blink of an Eye is an intriguing novel that is sure to keep readers thinking and reading.