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Blink-182 weekly news update: blink reunion concert named one of the 30 best of the year by Spin


Blink-182 at the Joint in LV  (Photo by E. Miller)

blink-182 updates:

  • When launching their unprecedented reunion tour earlier this summer, blink-182 didn't know what to expect. In fact, the band-members expressed surprise when it was announced that a majority of the shows were sold out, making blink into 2009's "IT" band. Thanks to a series of positive reviews and word-of-mouth from a new generation of blink fans, Spin Magazine took notice and decided to list the band's July, 23rd performance at The Joint in Las Vegas as one of the 30 best concerts of the year. Check out the write-up here.
  • Writer/director Brandon Flores is planning on making an unofficial blink-182 biopic. The film- which has not been approved by blink-182, and it's questionable whether or not Flores will actually gain rights to original blink songs- is reported to focus on the early days of the band. It would naturally start with the meeting of founding members Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor, who eventually recruited Mark Hoppus. The trio then struggled to allocate studio time and produce a string of demos. Eventually, however, those struggles paid off with the launch of blink's second LP effort, Dude Ranch, a gold record that featured the single "Damnit", a blink-182 cornerstone. Due to drinking problems, Raynor was unceremoniously dropped from the band just before an actual blink show. Hoppus and DeLonge worked to immediately replace Raynor with Travis Barker, who was then the drummer for the Aquabats, and the current blink lineup was formed. The film would end at that point. In an interview with, Hoppus said of the flick: "No, I didn't know anything about the movie. I wonder how it pays? Should I try out for the part of Tom?"

Hoppus and his amazing bass-balancing act

Mark Hoppus updates:

  • Hoppus posted an interesting video on his blog that finds a group of twenty-somethings converting a Jeep Grand Cherokee into a mock sound stage. What starts out as an annoying barrage of clicks and clangs quickly morphs into a melodic beat that you could easily dance to. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Earlier this week, Hoppus approved his signature line of basses being produced by Fender. You can check out photos of the four-stringers by clicking here.
  • In this week's "Hopp on Pop", a column that ripped its name from a Dr. Seuss book of the same title, the blink bassist focuses his promotional prowess on the indie band Free Energy and their self-titled track. "I listened to the first song on their MySpace page," said Hoppus of the Philadelphia natives,  "and it's just called 'Free Energy,' and it's just really rad '70s sounding fun rock'n'roll". Watch the video of Free Energy's single, "Free Energy", below; to read more "Hopp on Pop" click here.

DeLonge with AVA (photo by Brian Bedder)

Tom DeLonge updates:

  • Fuel TV's "NUMUTU", recently featured a sneak-peek of the yet-to-be-released Angels and Airwaves track "Hallucinations", which is reported to be the first song on AVA's third LP, Love. The song is encased within a pop-rock structure, echoing the composition of the band's previous lead single "Everything's Magic". Even though "NUMUTU" only treats viewers to a snippet of "Hallucinations", one can gather that the band is eager to engage a wider audience with this radio-friendly tune. Whether or not this piece illustrates the actual direction of Love is difficult to say, but AVA seems to be making a serious attempt to evolve their sound. Check out Fuel TV's report below.

Travis Barker updates:

Not much out of Travis's camp this week, but here are a pair of interesting tidbits:

  • Barker posted another link from his Decade performance with Snoop Dogg. Watch it by clicking here.
  • This isn't as "newsworthy" as it is addicting. Check out an online beat machine that Barker posted on his Twitter page by clicking here.

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