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Blink-182 monthly update: Blink is back in the studio? Well, at least Mark Hoppus is


Hoppus playing the best guitar riff. . . EVER! Not really. But it is interesting.

Mark Hoppus is tweeting up a storm:

The producer/ bassist/ guitarist/ singer/ creator of all things indie rock, has posted various announcements on his Twitter page regarding blink's upcoming album. In interviews, Hoppus has claimed that the album will be a "weird" one, drawing on each members' recent influences in their solo efforts.

Most notably, however, Hoppus released a short video (shown above) featuring what should be a new blink track. It sounds edgier than a majority of their previous endeavors, and the bassist illustrates his finely-tuned musical ear and sweet guitar skills.

Unofficial track-listing for Love that was posted on AVA's Facebook.

Angels and Airwaves wrap-up their latest LP. . . finally!

On Tuesday at 8:14 AM, AVA posted the following announcement:  "We're officially done with the record as of 40min ago!!!! Honestly in disbelief, such a long about last minute right.... When does it come out again?" 

The new album, entitled Love, is set to drop on February 14, 2010. That's Valentine's Day. So all those with significant others, you better get shopping. For all of you single folks, prepare for a day of unparalleled depression as you realize that you're alone, horribly alone, and no one will ever love you. To ease that depression, buy the new AVA album. Because music is a great substitute for true love. 

From left: Barker, Morello and Armstrong 

New Transplants album?  

In addition to working on the new blink LP, his upcoming solo-album and teaming up with an all-star list of rappers for various singles, Travis Barker, the music industry's hardest working drummer, announced via his Twitter page that he is working on a new Transplants album. 
The original line-up featured Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong on vocals and guitar, former roadie Rob "Skinhead Rob" Aston on vocals and Barker on drums. Judging from recent tweets and photos posted by Barker, legendary guitarist Tom Morello will be featured on the upcoming album in some capacity.
The Transplants haven't released an album since 2004, which was entitled Haunted Cities.

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