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Bling Bone puppy tag is a wow accessory for the elegant dog


The Dayton Dogs Examiner dog crew spends so much time wrestling with and chewing on each other, that their collars usually fall to tatters and their once shiny id tags become pocked with bite marks. So, we don't make much effort to get the dogs looking glamorous. But once in a while, a dog parent likes to see the hair brushed, the collar straight, and maybe a nice bit of bling to dress things up.

Lobo looks elegant in a WOOF puppy tag.
Photo by Susan Gertz

Dog bling is available for every taste and budget. The Dayton Dogs Examiner dogs sport the stylish and affordable enameled stainless steel tags by Red Dingo. The three dogs are all boys, but we couldn't resist the small heart (one pink, one orange, and one red) with ID info engraved on back. Prices range from about $10 to $13 dollars, available from resellers like Golly Gear.

For those who want tons of sparkle, offers tags inlayed with Swarovski crystal in solid and rainbow designs. Prices are listed as $58.95. Unless used only for special occasions, animalstars recommends protecting the tags with a protective coating which they offer.

The most elegant choice we've seen is the WOOF Puppy Tag made in sterling silver with enamel and semi precious stones from Bling Bone. While the WOOF tag certainly looks nice on the website, in person it truly looks amazing. Unlike any other tag we've seen, it has a substantial dimensional design and a large jewelry-style decorative clasp. While not an everyday purchase at $195 to $265 (sizes XS to L), the quality will speak for itself if you choose to invest in one. Lobo certainly looks handsome modeling an enamel and citrine WOOF in size M, and he was certainly happy to pose as long as cheese was the reward. Online ordering will be available at Bling Bone soon.


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