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Blindsprings’ heroine would rather not have been rescued, thanks

Blindsprings is a recent web comic by Kadi Fedoruk that was begun back in October 2013. The setup of this story is that our heroine is a princess named Tamaura who has been indentured to the spirits of the forest in exchange for the protection of her sister. Her duties involve a number of mysterious activities that may or may not be magical in nature. She enjoys her job and does not mind living alone in the forest with only the faeries for company.

One day she meets a boy and makes friends with him. They have a number of adventures together, and then Harris leaves to become an Academic Mage. They do not have a very friendly parting because Harris seems to be under the impression that Tamaura is a prisoner. From there the story skips ahead a little and Harris returns intent on rescuing Tamaura, and causing her to break her contract to the faeries.

Tamaura is not happy about this, and neither are the faeries. Now Tamaura is under a new contract. She must free the spirits bound to Harris’ school in exchange for the continued protection of her sister. (One thing I really liked about this web comic is that the setup is pretty much the opposite of the “boy meets girl, girl likes boy and completely breaks away from some responsibility or other despite dire consequences,” storyline that you get in some fantasy novels. For example, Ursula K. LeGuin's The Tombs of Atuan.)

This story has some great character design. The forest spirits are creepy, but not necessarily sinister, and I really liked Tamaura. The art is lovely and fits the mood of the comic’s storyline. The story pacing is maybe a little slow, though there have been lots of interesting hints about Tamaura and her sister’s past so far. This comic is probably best read in archival mode. I’m looking forward to finding out the details of how they ended up in the forest.

It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With the update schedule, it hasn’t advanced very far and should be really easy to catch up on.

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