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Blind woman receives a surprise after her guide dog is stolen

Neighbors put up fence at home of blind woman after her guide dog is stolen
Neighbors put up fence at home of blind woman after her guide dog is stolen

The remarkable story of a legally blind woman whose dog was stolen out of her yard -- and then returned to her after being sold on Craigslist -- is now even more amazing.

In February, Sheryl Williams of Dayton let her Rottweiler, named Diamond, out in her yard for a potty break. Williams soon found out that her dog had been stolen off his chain. And later discovered that the person who took Diamond sold him on Craigslist.

Fox45 reports how Thomas O'Shea purchased the dog from Bonnie Ritchie. Ritchie had told him she was finding a new home for her neighbor’s dog, after the neighbor landed in jail.

Once O’Shea saw news reports on the missing guide dog, he knew he had to return Diamond to Williams. According to O’Shea, "It wasn't easy, but I knew it was going to hurt my kids and my wife she was balling too".

But their good deed was rewarded. After returning Diamond, the O’Shea family received offers for Rottweiler puppies at no cost to them. They accepted a five-week-old puppy. Which they named Diamond.

And then Ron Gillespie stepped in. The story inspired Gillespie to donate a fence, and William’s community came together to build it, so that the blind woman would not have to worry about Diamond being snatched again.

"I'm really excited,” Williams said. “I just can't believe my children and everybody's come together and done this. You know, all the times I tell my children to treat people they way you wanted to be treated. It's finally came back [to me], it's finally came back."

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