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Blind senior dog stolen from NY shelter found but fighting for her life

Spinner, the 11-year-old blind black and white poodle mix who was stolen from the SPCA Upstate NY, has been found but is fighting for her life after receiving what appears to be an overdose of ibuprofen, according to an article posted yesterday at the The 19-year-old suspect, Debbie Smith, told police she gave the dog the ibuprofen in an attempt to "calm him down".

SPCA executive director Cathy Cloutier told the PostStar that they are concerned that Spinner may not survive the overdose.

Spinner, an office pet at the shelter, has lived at the SPCA for nine years; she was not up for adoption.

The dog, who weighs only eight pounds, was the only thing stolen during a break-in at the SPCA that was discovered early Friday morning. The theft was recorded by the SPCA security system.

After widespread publicity, Spinner was found a few hours later in a dormitory at SUNY Adirondack by a campus police officer. The student was taken into custody and charged with "with Burglary in the 3rd degree, Criminal Mischief in the 4th degree and Petit Larceny".

This is yet another example of the importance of getting the word out about a missing dog as quickly as possible; given his condition after receiving the ibuprofen overdose, the fact that she was found so quickly may very well be the key to her survival. Ibuprofen is dangerous for dogs at any dosage, and can cause severe bleeding from stomach ulcers as well as kidney failure.

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