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Blind dog sees family: Watch blind dog's heart melting reaction at seeing family

A heartwarming moment between a blind dog who was granted the ability to see his family again after successful eye surgery was captured on video. The viral and touching reunion between 8-year-old “Duffy” and his owners has now been viewed over three million times.

Duffy was once able to see, but diabetes took his eyesight. After being blind for months, doctors were able to perform corrective surgery on the pooch, and the proof of Duffy’s delight is clear for all to see. In the video, Duffy is seen squealing with pleasure as his owners coddle their longtime friend. Tail wagging a mile-a-minute, Duffy makes his way round the room, planting kisses as best as he can with the surgical shield around his neck.

“Within about three to five months he went from a totally normal 8-year-old dog to a dog who was completely blind,” said Duffy’s owner Benjamin May. “It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with running into things, not being able to recognize me.”

Explains the Inquisitr:

According to May’s posting on reddit, 9-year-old Irish terrier Duffy is a dog with his fair share of health problems. The dog, who was rescued by May’s family, had always had liver problems and needs to be fed a special diet. When Duffy started peeing in the house though, May and his family knew something was wrong with their dog.

Duffy’s vet was able to determine that the dog’s body wasn’t breaking down sugars, and that he had essentially become diabetic. Despite twice daily insulin injections, the diabetes got worse, and with it, so did Duffy’s eyesight.

May brought Duffy to the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. There, doctor Kevin Kumrow was able to regulate Duffy’s diabetes to the point where surgery on the dog’s eyes could be attempted. Dr. Brady Beale performed the surgery, and as you can see, it was hugely successful.

“If we didn’t do it then they said he would be blind for life,” May said, adding: “Thankfully the surgery was a success.”

A tearful May said: “I can only imagine what went through his mind that one day it went black, and then suddenly he can see everyone again.”

Despite the high costs – the surgical bill alone was $5,000 and the Mays will have to refill Duffy’s monthly insulin supply at $350 each time – they say it was all worth it.

“I know most people will that that was a waste of money but whatever. He’s happy and he makes us happy,” May said, adding “he’s family to us, you can’t put a price on family.”

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