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Blind dog sees family: Duffy the dog gets eye surgery, video of joyful reunion

A blind dog sees his family after undergoing eye surgery, and the YouTube world rejoices with Duffy the dog’s newfound sight. A now viral video hit the Internet this week of an old Irish terrier finally being able to see, and going ecstatic upon finally “seeing” his family for the very first time. The joyful reunion has already garnered over three million hits on YouTube, and KVKI News reveals this Monday, June 23, that the number of views is only increasing by the thousands as the days go by.

Blind dog can see family after eye surgery, video of reunion
YouTube Media Screenshot, Photo File (AOL Video)

An immensely popular video showcasing a previously blind dog seeing his owners and beloved family members demonstrates that these loving pets are truly worthy of the title “man’s best friend.” Duffy, an Irish terrier that went blind due to diabetes complications, had become sad and listless upon losing his sight. Yet a successful surgery that helped him regain that important sense to both humans and animals created a union that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Although the video itself was taken much earlier this 2014, only recently has the blind dog regains his sight video made it online (namely YouTube). The May family remember being so excited about “meeting” their dog again for the first time after getting his sight back following the eye surgery that they wanted to capture it on film. The Irish terrier’s reaction to seeing them — with a furiously wagging tail — is impossible not to enjoy.

Dogs love you, but I’ve never seen a dog’s tail move like that,” Malcolm May said in a recent statement. Malcolm’s wife, Peggy, added, “We were just overjoyed, he saw us. That’s the most important thing.”

Duffy the dog, added CBS Local earlier this week, is a 10-year-old Irish terrier that was humanely rescued less than a year before his birth by the May family. This Internet sensation sadly started to lose his sight as he grew older, eventually becoming fully blind due to diabetes. The family made a difficult decision, then; they opted to let their beloved pet go through a risky surgery in the hopes of salvaging his vision. Miraculously, it worked, and the vision is proof.

“We had to pull the trigger, it was one of those decisions where it was is it going to work or not, it was a narrow window with dogs get full blown diabetes and with Dr. Beale and Dr. Kumrow were right there onboard with us,” Malcolm explained, “It was like we got a new dog when he had the surgery.”

Do you have a response to the blind dog sees family video? Although sad news hits home each and every day, here is one joyful reunion between owners and their pet that fortunately has a very happy ending for all involved. Now, concludes the Mays, their dog has a new leash (or lease, if you will) on life.

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