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Blind dog bonded to his 'seeing eye' companion in dire need of rescue

Emma is blind and Henry is her "seeing eye" partner. Please help them find a safe and loving home.
Emma is blind and Henry is her "seeing eye" partner. Please help them find a safe and loving home.
Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs Network

Meet Emma and Henry; both dogs, a mixture of boxer and pit bull, with special needs are stuck in a dangerous situation in Miami, Fla. Emma is blind, and Henry is her "seeing eye dog."

Four-year-old Emma was formerly abused and rescued just a few years ago by a Good Samaritan. Henry is 18-months-old and quickly bonded with his blind companion. Sadly, a desperate situation now puts both dogs in danger of being turned into a county shelter where overcrowding and the euthanasia rate are extremely high.

A volunteer writes:

"Anyone who has ever known a blind dog will tell you that once acclimated, you forget they have any eye issues at all and they are the same characters, the same loving dogs, if not more so, as the fully sighted! Emma will be no different!!! Emma had been shot repeatedly with a BB gun and Christina (current owner) took her in when she was abandoned. She is spayed and vetted. Henry is vetted but not yet neutered, but Christina can do that before being adopted possibly. Both are sweet natured and appear to get along with most dogs."

The dogs are being shared by Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs, a networking page intended to spread the news and help dogs with special physical challenges.

Both dogs are extremely bonded; so close they sleep cuddled together. The group has raised close to $350 in donations to help a rescue organization care for the dogs.

Follow Emma and Henry's Facebook page and the supporters who are trying to find a safe place for these two beautiful dogs by clicking here. Their stories have been shared over 700 times, but they are still in danger.

In November, Jeffrey and Jermaine, a pair of eight-month-old pit bull pups made news throughout the country when a rescue organization distributed a photograph of the two dogs hugging each other. Jeffrey is blind and his brother Jermaine acted as his guide dog.

Read their amazing story by clicking here.

"Pictures are worth a thousand words, but this one might just leave you speechless. Earlier we posted a picture of Jeffrey, who is blind, and his brother Jermaine, who has dedicated his life to be Jeffrey’s loyal guide dog. Here they are as they sleep, holding on to each other. The unconditional love and devotion these two dogs show is positively inspirational," stated the organization's Director of Life Saving, Ray Little."

Can we do the same for Emma and Henry and help these two wonderful dogs find the home they deserve?

For more information how you can help these dogs, please contact Christina at (305)-351-6477 or E-mail

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