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Blind, deaf, and dumb: Helen Keller knew God existed....what's your excuse?

Although blind Helen Keller could see God was already working in her life.
Although blind Helen Keller could see God was already working in her life.

In one of the most compelling responses given by Helen Keller to a bishop, Keller articulated that she already knew there was a God. Although Helen was blind, deaf, and unable to communicate language, Helen knew she was not alone in her darkness and isolation.

Helen had no concept of names or anything else. She was aware of God’s love though. When Helen Keller developed the skill to communicate through the gift of language and heard about God, she gave an astonishing revelation.

“I already knew”.

The Bible declares that God already gives each of His creation a measure of faith and that faith is developed in accordance to the scripture, “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”. This verse is accurate, however does not give a complete account of what God has already placed there.

Essentially that faith either grows or dies based on external forces that come to bear while one is growing up from infancy. There are many scriptures addressing the process, one being “train up a child in the way they should grow, and when they are old, they will not depart from it”. Nurturing what is already there is a critical part of the faith process.

Opponents of God and the Bible love to parrot that believers have been corrupted by parents or Christians that merely force belief upon others. Pushing Christian beliefs on others is a typical atheistic explanation for belief in religions as Christianity.

If that is true scoffers, explain Helen Keller’s belief in God?

There is a substantial explanation why there are many growing up with no belief in God. It is because religious training has been abandoned for many children growing up because their parents fail to take their children to church. That faith instilled by God at birth is inhibited and strangled out of the inner being of children by poor training and education’s indoctrination that no God exists. Imposing belief can be a matter of prospective on both sides of the argument in whether God exists or not.

Helen Keller is not the only pure experiment without external prejudice being applied to tell if God exists or not. There are many with medical reasons that knew of God’s existence before receiving any religious training. There are isolated people living worldwide who were never instructed about God’s existence, but knew about God when introduced by name to their already known Creator.

There is preponderance of evidence concerning people that already knew of God’s presence, but merely not knowing who God was by Name is a splendid confirmation that the faith God already placed in each person is substantiated by those as Helen Keller who were already aware of their Creator’s existence.

Phillip Brooks was a contemporary friend of Helen Keller, and he was thrilled at Keller’s revelation that God already was known to her before receiving any information about God’s love and presence. This was the God Brooks knew.

Refusing to believe is more about stubbornness and pride than any other human attribute. Those as Helen Keller substantiates that belief in God has nothing to do about intellect or being indoctrinated.

A powerful story shared by Jesus involves a man wanting to go back to the living so he could warn his brothers that eternal punishment was real. The explanation by Christ reveals the true issue with human nature.

Jesus said those living had the word of God from the prophets to believe and heed the warning. Then Christ declared, “they will not believe even if one rises from the dead”.

Then Jesus went out and proved it.

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