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Blind chihuahua surrendered by owner: Pooch too scared to come out of cage

Scuby sits in his cage and shakes. The blind little Chihuahua has no idea why he was abandoned by his family. Now he sits on death row.
Scuby sits in his cage and shakes. The blind little Chihuahua has no idea why he was abandoned by his family. Now he sits on death row.
Urgent NY Dogs

Scuby weighs less than ten pounds, is blind, and surrendered by his owner to Manhattan's New York City Animal Care and Control on May 15. How bad can a little dog's luck be?

Sadly it gets worse. Little six-year-old Scuby is on the list to be euthanized.

And here is this little pooch's story as told by his previous owner who cited the reason as "no time" for surrendering the dog who had been part of the family for years.

DOG INFORMATION SHEET Where did this dog come from? My Home ORIGINAL SOURCE Gift from my brother

Animal’s Name: Scuby

WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS DOG IN? Other:no time I work too many hours

RELATIONSHIP I’ve owned him a few years PEOPLE Lives with 2_ adults Lives with _1 teenager Does he get along with children? Yes Does he get along with strangers? Yes/ has to smell you first

Describe his behavior: barks a lot

OTHER ANIMALS Has lived with dogs How did they get along? fine Can you describe his behavior around animals he doesn’t live with? fine

PERSONALITY Loves to play, is very active Likes to be petted, hugged etc.

HABITS table food once a day/bones

TRAINING Is paper trained . "

During Scuby's evaluation, he tolerated handling and never showed any aggression, but trembled with fear and wouldn't walk on a leash; all Scuby wanted to do was hide.

No paperwork was provided to prove the little dog's blindness, but detached retinas are suspected.

Evaluators suggest New Hope would be the best choice for Scuby's rescue.

Please share Scuby's story with your family, friends, and coworkers. His plight is urgent. There is no time to spare.

Follow Scuby's thread on Facebook by clicking here. Please refer to ID# A0999969.

Urgent Pets on Death Row can provide information needed to help these dogs at great risk.

Perhaps the following comment from a humane advocate sums up Scuby's situation and how most people feel about this tragic story:

Karen Hulse Knights "...Seeing a BLIND dog whose owner dumped him at the filthy facility for "no time," is heartbreaking and maddening and devastating and rage-inducing, all at the same time. Poor little Scuby... A relatively young (six years is nothing in Chihuahua time,) cute little dude who cannot see anything, and has absolutely no idea how and why his little life had changed so drastically."

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