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Blind Army veteran wants ‘laser lights’ legalized for hunting in Oregon

Blind Army veteran wants ‘laser lights’ legalized for hunting in Oregon
James Rabourne photo released to media

Putting the whole “hunting for wild game/crimes against nature” issue aside, an Iraq War veteran is hoping a proposed bill in the Oregon House of Representatives will allow him to get back to doing something he has loved since childhood; hunting.

Legally blind from a non-combat related incident during his war years, James Rabourne, a former Oregon National Guard Soldier, has dreams of getting back to the hills and forests around his home in La Grande as an active hunter using a “sighted” hunting companion.

Rep. Bob Jenson from Pendleton has introduced a bill that would allow legally blind hunters the chance to shoot their own game with the use of “laser light technology” in addition to using a companion hunter.

Currently, Oregon hunters with disabilities can request a permit to hunt, but the companion hunter is required to do the actual shooting. House Bill 4075 could change that.

There was no indication if the proposed bill has any chance of making it through the Oregon House and then through the Senate to become a law.

Read the heartbreaking story here of how James Rabourne’s vision loss was caused by one of his own Soldiers.

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