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Blending Essential Oils for Massages

Essential oils may add additional healing properties to your massage modalities.
Essential oils may add additional healing properties to your massage modalities.
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A massage is one of the ultimate stress-busters; the soothing and sensual touch of the skin twinned with the aromatic smells of blended massage oils can soon make all the woes of the week disappear. Rather than just buying pre-blended massage oils that could contain a number of chemicals harmful to sensitive skin, you should think about blending base massage oils with a mixture of essential oils.

Jill Thompson, a Detroit massage therapist, agrees. She says, "I blend my own. As long as the client is accepting, I use high quality essential oil blends in all of my massages. They can help to achieve the desired effects and pair nicely with hands-on massage therapy."

Base Oils

Some essential oils can be used directly, but most can’t be used directly on the skin (without causing irritation). Base oils allow you to dilute and blend the essential oils as you see fit. There are a variety of base oils available, including:

  • Sweet almond base oil
  • Grapeseed base oil
  • Wheatgerm base oil
  • Apricot/Peach kernel base oil
  • Jojoba base oil

Each oil will have its own unique fragrance, and will have different qualities. Some may absorb into the skin very quickly, while other may not. Some come with natural healing properties (wheatgerm base oil, for example, is useful for repairing scarring of the skin).

With so many base oils for you to choose from, you may want to try a variety before selecting your favourite one. Different base oils will blend differently, and because they carry their own scent, it can be a bit of an experimentation process blending base oils with various essential oils.

Essential Oils

These oils will help give your massage base oil a new lease of life. Different combinations will create unique scents. As well as mixing oils, you should also experiment with the quantities of your essential oils, as this will greatly affect the scent of your massage oil. Different oils will invoke different emotions, so research which oils will create the right aromatherapy affect that you are after.

  • Jasmine – A soothing and relaxing oil that can assist with anxiety, headaches and sensitive skin. Avoid using Jasmine if you’re pregnant.
  • Ylang Ylang – Another relaxing oil that is ideal in massages, which can encourage a peaceful and seductive environment.
  • Frankincense – An uplifting and relaxing essential oil, that can help relieve the symptoms of colds, as well as help with asthma and other respiratory issues.
  • Lavender – A brilliant oil that can encourage healthy and natural sleep.


  • Marguerite - Chicago Holistic Examiner 5 years ago

    Great information - I am in school to become a Clinical Massage Therapist now. I will save this article.

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