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Blending a functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty

Nasal surgery and improve breathing and appearance
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When someone has a nasal breathing challenge they want surgically corrected, it may be the opportune time to reshape their nose, as well.

Yes, in the same surgical procedure called a rhinoplasty, cosmetic and function changes can improve the way you breathe and look.

San Diego plastic surgeons can surgically address anatomic nasal obstructions. Examples of this may include a deviated nasal septum or nasal turbinate enlargement.

For the most part, some people may be born with a deviation, but in most cases, it is the result of trauma to the nose. Typically, there is a nasal obstruction to one passageway.

In the mid portion of the nose, cartilage and bone create the septum. When this area bends, or deviates, an obstruction will happen making breathing extremely difficult.

On the other hand, a nasal turbinate enlargement is when a tiny bone along with its mucosal encasing grows larger and causes a barrier. What makes up the turbinate are three bony structures. If one of these structures expand, and in some case more than one, nasal obstruction will occur.

As mentioned before, correcting a nasal obstruction and reshaping a patient’s nose which better fits their overall facial features can be done simultaneously.

Many La Jolla plastic surgeons actually prefer to do these two procedures together. They often point out that during a deviated septum correction surgery, the cartilage removed, is often utilized for the cosmetic portion of the procedure.

A rhinoplasty surgery can optimize a patient’s appearance, and more importantly, their nasal breathing.

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