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'Blended (2014)' Movie Review: Put it in the blender

'Blended (2014)'
'Blended (2014)'

Jim (Adam Sandler) is a widower looking for a wife/ mother for his daughters. Lauren (Drew Barrymore) is mother wanting a father for her boys. The two of them meet out on the dating circuit and after a date from hell they go their separate ways.

Jim is a very down and out sporting goods salesman and Lauren is a professional closet organizer. Both are not making the big bucks. They scrape together enough to be able to take their families to Africa for a vacation. When they get to their destination and run into each other you would think it would be fire works of some kind. This movie has some points but it doesn't come from the human actors. The wildlife do more for this film than Barrymore and Sandler put together. You would think that after three movies together the two would have the routine down pat, not in this movie.

Jim has three daughters that he is raising to be more male than female. Lauren is raising her boys and they seem to be as miserable as she is. This is all old news. We have seen this matching of two people and their children and the show that goes on, but this movie is lacking in all the usual jokes and quality.

Adam Sandler is not getting better with age and Drew Barrymore couldn't carry this film if her life depended on it. Director Frank Coraci may have thought he had something here with these two actors but the chemistry is fading and the novelty that once was is not here anymore.

The best thing you could do for this film is to take Blended and put it in the Blender. Don't waste your time.