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Blazers' Captain Dan Dawson leads fiery double life

Dawson talks to the media after a game earlier this season
Dawson talks to the media after a game earlier this season
Ian B. Murphy

In today's Boston Globe, there is an excellent article about Blazers Captain Dan Dawson, and his weekday job as a Brampton, Ontario firefighter.

To see the story by the Boston Globe's top sports photojournalist/feature writer Stan Grossfield, click here.

Grossfield also included a fun little photo gallery with his story.

There are some very interesting revelations in Grossfield's article. Dawson cleans toilets at his fire station in his role as rookie firefighter. He finished in the top of his class at the fire academy. He became a firefighter because when he was younger, he woke up with his house on fire, and the firefighters saved his home.

Dawson makes the NLL league maximum as a lacrosse player, $24,650, and he did not receive any bonus for winning the league's MVP last year, because there was no such language in his contract.

Dawson still lives at home with his parents in Brampton. And, it turns out, he'd rather save a baby from a burning building then win a championship.

It's a good thing he doesn't play for the Bruins - their fans wouldn't stand for that kind of talk.


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