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Blayne Weaver talks "6 Month Rule" and other dating rules

The film's main protagonist, played by Blayne Weaver, meets a girl who has him questioning all the dating rules in this romantic dramedy.
The film's main protagonist, played by Blayne Weaver, meets a girl who has him questioning all the dating rules in this romantic dramedy.
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Los Angeles singles are in for a real treat next month with the LA debut of the new film "6 Month Rule" from writer/director Blayne Weaver on June 8 at Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica. The film takes place in Weaver's Louisiana hometown and provides a poignant look at relationships from the perspective of a perpetual single who follows a set of rules to avoid emotional attachment. Such rules include: Never spend the night, No explanation necessary if you're not in a relationship and, the most important of them all, No girl is so perfect you can't get over her in six months.

I recently met up with the star of the film near his Hollywood home to talk about his new movie, which premiered last October at the Austin Film Festival and has since won the Best Film award at the Omaha Film Festival and the Hill Country Film Festival.

"If you've ever been single for any length of time, you can relate to at least one or two characters in this movie. It's a very real look at dating and being single," says the 36-year-old actor who plays the film's main protagonist. Acting as Tyler, Weaver plays the role of a womanizer who takes his recently single best friend under his wing and teaches him the rules for being single.

I have to admit, Weaver doesn't seem too far off from his womanizing character, but perhaps that's just his Aries charm. He was definitely an engaging person to talk to, and I learned a great deal from him about how the indie film industry works as well as some of the challenges almost every independent filmmaker faces.

Weaver originally wrote the script for "6 Month Rule" about five years ago and optioned the film to at least two different production companies for financing, both of which kicked around a lot of big name talent for the film. By the end of the day, however, Weaver felt like his vision for the film would have been lost. So when Weaver's production company started picking up momentum after the modest success of his first two features, "Outside Sales" and "Weather Girl", Weaver and his production partner Brandon Barrera finally decided it was time to buy back the rights to the film and raise financing on their own so they could make the film the way they had always envisioned.

The film features a great cast of rising stars you may have seen on some of your favorite movies and television shows, including Martin Starr from Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up", Natalie Morales from NBC's "Parks and Recreation", Patrick J. Adams from the TV series "Suits", Vanessa Branch from her role in "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Johnny Depp, Jaime Pressly from "My Name is Earl" as well as John Michael Higgins and comedian Dave Foley.

One of the most admirable things about Blayne Weaver is how fearless he is when it comes to his career. Not getting the roles he wanted for himself, the actor first started his own production company so that he could write his own screenplays for which he could take the leading role. His first couple scripts didn't work out that way, so "6 Month Rule" is definitely his chance to shine in the limelight, and shine he certainly does after winning the Best Actor award at the Hill Country Film Festival earlier this year.

"I've spent my share of time waiting to book that perfect role or get that powerful agent that will make my career the way I've always imagined it...I look back on that as wasted time," said the writer by day and filmmaker by night. "Your career is just like everything else in life," he says. "You've got to fight for what you want. I've taken some risks, some have worked out, some haven't but I am a where I am because of those risks."

One of those risks included making the film his way with a smaller budget. "In a big budget romantic comedy studio version of '6 Month Rule', Tyler would be played by someone like Matthew McConaughey," Weaver explains. "He would be the movie version of flawed, and also look like Matthew McConaughey. This is not that. This is about real people with real flaws and emotions, not the rom com version of those things. No one jumps on a horse and races across the Brooklyn Bridge to stop a wedding in this film because that's stupid and it never happens. This film is about smart, funny people dealing with matters of the heart."

During the course of our conversation, the "6 Month Rule" director made sure to mention that he was in a relationship, so naturally I asked him if he had any relationship rules he followed.

"Relationship rules are completely different, and I'm still learning them," said Weaver. "The one big one seems to be: keep talking. You can defuse most situations by talking it out and making sure you understand where each other is coming from."

Speaking of rules, what are some of your rules for being single? Post your favorite dating rule in the comments below for your chance to win some swag from "6 Month Rule" from now until June 1 when the movie hits theaters.

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