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Blast from the past with Jane Cosmetics

Variety of Jane Cosmetics
Stephanie Yewdell

Throwback Thursday is not reserved for Instagram only and it does not have to happen on Thursdays. How about a blast from the past in the beauty department? If you happen to read any BuzzFeed lists on growing up in the ‘90s Jane Cosmetics always makes an appearance. It is often with satirical humor however. Time has passed and Jane Cosmetics has come back with a vengeance. Maturing with those who loved it, Jane has a multitude of make up options at wallet friendly prices. Be Beautiful BB Cream with SPF 30 ($16) is a lightweight, oil free, blendable cream that corrects redness and minimizes pores. It is available in light, medium and dark. Get your summer glow with Multi-Colored Bronzing Powder ($12). It takes many shades to blend together for a natural tan. The Multi-Colored Cheek Powder ($12) is like the bronzer in that it blends various shades for a perfect flush in a Berry, Peach or Pink shade. Perfect for summer and those impromptu dips in the pool the Water Resistant Eye Liner ($6) are available in a wide variety of colors which are super long lasting. A lip gloss that is intuitive seems impossible, but the pH Adjusting Stain Gloss ($7) creates a custom high-shine shade while reacting with the pH of your lips. You never know what shade you will get. Jane Cosmetics has a wide variety of products available. For every Jane product sold Jane donates one equal beauty product to a local woman’s shelter, which helps to instill confidence in women who are bravely and boldly rebuilding their lives.

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