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Hello, my fellow Fashionistas!

Today, I received an email stating that it is my 5 year anniversary writing for the Examiner - and I realized I haven't written in almost as long. So, this "blast from the past" refers to both my return as the Orlando Fashion Scene Examiner, as well as the classic Southern fashions that are making a comeback - or did they ever really leave?

I moved back to NYC in 2013, although I plan on returning to the O later this year. New York is where I was born and raised, and where I learned to love fashion. Being back, however, has made me realize that the "Fashion Capital of the World" (well, according to some people) may have lost its title. Or, at least, it is tied with other great cities in the country - Orlando included.

Over the past few years, it has only become more and more apparent that while "trends" come and go, classic & vintage fashion remains. If anything, classic looks have become a trend in itself. I love nothing more than a great vintage find!

The beauty of Orlando and the rest of the South is, indeed, its Southern Charm. That charm includes our favorite Southern foods, music, history, and - of course - fashion. The rest of the world is wearing what we (well, you - I'm a Yankee, remember) essentially invented: florals, nautical, cowgirl, derby-inspired, denim, pastels, corals and name it, the rest of the country (and world!) is wearing it. "Beach" and "Cruise" lines of the biggest named designers are among the most popular selling lines year after year. The South, without due recognition, has been influencing fashion since the 1800's. It's about time we take back what is rightfully ours! (er, yours!)

So stay tuned, Orlando. I'm back and ready to lead Florida to it's rightful place in the fashion world.

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