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Blast away the pain with Rock Sauce and Rocktape

Rock Sauce and Rocktape, athletic recovery support
Rock Sauce and Rocktape, athletic recovery support
Rock Sauce, Rocktape

Sometimes the bravado speaks louder than the ability. Whether it is biking those extra 10 miles or lifting that extra 25 pounds, the body can suffer from that intense exertion. When the pain is intense, the pain reliever needs to match it. Rock Sauce and Rocktape are the solution.

Rock Sauce is the extreme pain reliever lotion that will rock away the severe pain. Combining both cooling and warmth, this topical is an all in one treatment. Rock Sauce can be used for isolated muscle pain and joint soreness, graston or A.R.T use, skin cleaning for the application of Rocktape and pre-workout warm ups.

Unlike other topical treatments, Rock Sauce can be used in conjunctin with Rocktape. Rocktape is a type of kinesiology tape. When applied directly to the surface of Rocktape, Rock Sauce soaks into Rocktape and slowly releases itself which provides cooling and warmth for up to 1 hour.

Both the serious athlete and the weekend warrior can benefit from the Rock Sauce and Rocktape. The products together and separate can help reduce recovery time as well as assist performance. The company believes that Rocktape can help athletes go strong and longer by using fascial taping, hi-tech textiles, aerospace adhesives and organic chemistry.

Rocktape is designed to work in tough athletic environments. The design and materials work across a variety of situations and body types. Since everyone is different and has varied needs, this company seeks to provide options for athletes of all sizes and builds. The key is to provide the support and recovery that anyone doing athletic training wants.

Rock Tape and Rock Sauce can be purchased at GNC, Road Runner Sports and various other companies and clinics. For complete listings, please visit the Rock Tape website.

Whether recovering from the 60 miles charity bike ride or providing support during a cross fit class, Rocktape and Rock Sauce can provide the support and recovery all athletes at every level want.

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