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The Bi, lesbian and Straight Together Women of West Palm Beach Meetup group has 360 members and hosts two to four events per week. The women get together for Sunday morning bike rides, bowling tournaments, poker parties, writers workshops and book clubs.

“Women of all types join BLAST because it provides continual opportunities to pursue their interests in the company of other women," says Toni Armstrong Jr., founder of BLAST. "We have almost two dozen special-interest groups - everything from snorkeling to spirituality to book club to community service. We have Cigar Lounge Lizards and Leaping Lesbians (skydiving); there's a group for Moms/Grandmoms/Crazy Lesbian Aunts as well as one for Science GALS; even a small sign language group.”

The group is open to “ladies, kings, lesbians, bisexual gals, girly-girls, butches, femmes, bois, transwomen, lesbian-feminist womyn, questioning, and gay-friendly straight feminists.”

Armstrong, who started the club in September 2008, said it took about a year for the club to gain about 300 members.

“My goal is 500 members," says Armstrong. "Once you hit that magic number, you can begin to produce concerts with lesbian artists, rent movie theaters for screenings of women's films, and in general, you have the foundation for a real and lasting women's community. That has always been the goal. We're consistent about keeping our events within Palm Beach County, although we have members from Vero Beach to Miami. Most exciting, we have many ideas for new special-interest groups and activities. I'm pulling for the Zombie Crawl idea myself."

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