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Blame the mainstream media for the failed Obama presidency

Blame the mainstream media for the failed Obama presidency. Americans are methodically enduring the Obama’s administration growing list of failings. President Obama has more scandals than Baskin- Robbins has flavors. Who knows how much more incompetence this administration would have if today’s media were familiar with journalism?

In Obama’s first term, the media buried Fast and Furious story where the administration was involved a gunrunning scheme with Mexican drug cartels and of course, the infamous raid on the Consulate in Benghazi. His presidency is now unraveling as the scandals multiply. The IRS scandal gets overlooked because of the VA inadequacies. The prison swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier who was held captive by the Taliban for five years with five notorious GITMO detainees has Congress and veterans searing.

The prison trade was unprecedented and unlawful. Even Democrats are criticizing the administration about the Bergdahl trade. A democrat criticizing fellow party members rarely happens. Though, the media is committed in protecting Obama regardless of his reckless nature. The York Times ran a front-page story criticizing the veterans who served with Bergdahl accusing him of desertion. The administration puts up the façade regarding Bergdahl saying ‘America doesn’t leave anyone behind.’ Though, they’re excoriating Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers, through the media because these soldiers are telling the truth about Bergdahl.

While the media compromises its principles, their ratings and circulation are plummeting. They’re more committed saving Obama’s faltering reputation than honestly informing the public. Has anyone noticed gas prices have hit $4 per gallon or our collapsing Southern Border where thousands? Any other time, the sitting president would be vilified for pandering to Big Oil and dereliction of duty.

If Obama were dedicated in fixing one situation, namely the VA problem and get the facilities operating efficiently, the pressure would diminish. That won’t happen. Obama can’t build. He can only destroy. The media can only be corrupt sycophants.

Final Thought: Much to the chagrin of the liberal media, the Tea Party is alive and well

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