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Blame for empty seats: Reason for low attendance at Winter Games explained

There are two areas to blame for empty seats at the Winter Games in the Russian Black Sea resort on Sunday. Despite the fact that 92% of tickets had been sold-out for the Olympic events, television viewers noticed hardly any of the seats were filled.

Business Insider reported Feb. 9 that one of the reasons for such a low attendance had to do with thorough security checks since it was the first day of the Olympics. By the time everyone go seated, the competitions had already begun. Consequently, this meant thousands missed out for competitions.

Another blame for empty seats at the Olympic venue had to do with the Russian "mentality" of arriving later than expected. Between the security controls and spectators showing up later than others, it tended to slow up the whole process. Time for travel and getting situated in advance was not taken into consideration.

From here on out, people will know more what to expect in Sochi during the Winter Olympics and make allowances for travel time and security. The blame for empty seats has been a trial-and-error process since the Games have just started.

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