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Blame for empty seats: Why isn't anyone sitting in the seats at the Olympics?

The blame for empty seats at the Sochi 2014 Olympics has not been placed on "tight security" despite what you might think. On Feb. 8, Yahoo! News reported that there are so many empty seats because spectators have been arriving late to The Games and by the time they wait in line to get through security, cameras are already rolling and more than half the seats in any given arena appear to be empty.

Many people expected empty seats due to security risks but now that the Olympics have been ongoing for a few days, perhaps those seats will fill in and people will feel more comfortable.

The blame for empty seats is not due to low ticket sales, either. In fact, 92% of the tickets for any given event have been sold -- but people just haven't been great about showing up on time. Which sounds a bit odd -- you would think that if you had tickets to attend an Olympic event you wouldn't miss it for the world, right? This is a big deal -- it's history in the making -- so, really what is up with the empty seats?

Sources say that the Russian mentality is partially to blame. Apparently getting somewhere early and sitting around and waiting for something to begin is not something people in Russia do -- and that could also be adding to the lack of attendees. Over the first two days of The Games, 4,000 people didn't attend that had tickets.

What do you blame for the empty seats?

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