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Blame Bush & Cheney for the Iraq disaster

The U.S. invasion of Iraq made the current crisis inevitable. Bush and Cheney created this monster.
The U.S. invasion of Iraq made the current crisis inevitable. Bush and Cheney created this monster.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Every time anything happens anywhere in the world, Fox News and Republicans blame Obama. It is as predictable as a sunrise, and as reflexive as a sneeze. It does not matter how ridiculous the charge, Obama will be blamed. Demagogues like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and their trusty side-kick, Kelly Ayotte, are usually the first to a microphone to blast Obama, if they can beat Speaker Boehner that is. To them, each crisis is the worst since the Cold War.

The latest crisis in Iraq is not exception. Senator McCain once again skipped a classified briefing on the incident to hold a news conference blaming Obama for a sectarian war that began 1,300 years ago. He did not want to learn any facts to temper his political, sore-loser diatribe. By the way, Obama looks good for a guy 1,300 years of age.

McCain and most other Republicans want us to bomb. But who do we bomb? Do we bomb the Sunnis who are backed by Al Qaeda, or do we bomb the Iraqis who are supported by the evil empire, Iran? Republicans don’t care, bomb them all, just bomb, and bomb some more—shock and awe!

Nearly all the conflicts in the Middle East have their roots in religious conflicts going back over 1,300 years. Religion has spurred battles between Jews and Muslims, and, within Islam, battles between Sunnis and Shiites. These sectarian conflicts have gone on since the days of the Prophet Mohammed, and show no signs of ending. Sectarian identity is more important that national identity.

Intervention by Europeans in the Middle East over the centuries has made the sectarian conflicts worse. In the last 150 years, western colonials have taken it upon themselves to draw boundary lines creating nations in the Middle East, ignorantly putting Sunnis and Shiites together. Kurds were thrown in with Arabs and Turks. What could possibly go wrong?

For a period of time, peace was maintained in the region because western nations propped up their favorite Monarchs or dictators who ruled their fiefdoms with an iron and often brutal hand. The hatred and animosity simmered below the surface, but attempts by one sect or the other to rise up was met with force, including gassing by the American-backed butcher, Saddam Hussein.

Then, Dick Cheney, and his side-kick George W. Bush, decided they wanted to get their hands on Iraq’s oil. Taking a page from the Crusades, they trumped up lies about weapons of mass destruction to justify an invasion. Americans took out the Sunnis who had ruled the region for centuries, and installed their mortal enemy, the Shiites, to govern Iraq.

The Bush/Cheney administration was not concerned with anything in post-invasion Iraq than the oil. Win the days after the fall of Hussein, US troops guarded the oil fields, while they allowed looters to sack the antiquities from museums, office equipment from government offices and cash from banks. Lawlessness was everywhere in Iraq except the oil fields.

The Bush-Cheney bunch dismantled the entire bureaucracy of Iraq, and the military. It allowed the new Shiite government to replace everyone with sectarian cronies, who were not only corrupt, but incompetent. This only further infuriated the Sunni minority.

A sectarian rebellion was inevitable. It would have happen whenever Americans left. It would have happened if we left in 2003 when Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” on an aircraft carrier. It would have happened if we stayed for another 20 years. But it was going to happen.

Republicans refuse to admit how badly they screwed things up in the Middle East just to quench the thirst of BIG OIL, and pad the profits of Halliburton and other corporate behemoths. So, what do they do? They blame Obama even though Obama opposed the entire fiasco from the beginning.

The Republican solution to this disaster is more of the same thing that caused it to begin with. Republicans keep doing the same things over and over again hoping for a different result, whether it is foreign policy or trickle down economics. They take their marching orders from greedy billionaires like the Koch Brothers, and huge corporations like Exxon-Mobile, and Halliburton. Their views come from talking points.

Have Americans had enough? Will war-weary Americans toss these war mongers out in November, or will they keep electing Republicans, hoping for a different result?

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