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Blake Shelton - Ten Times Crazier Tour

On The Boardwalk with Blake Shelton
On The Boardwalk with Blake Shelton
Robert Fleisher

What does the Blake Shelton Tour have to do with Internet Dating? Perhaps the fact that there were a large number of dating couples in attendance we could stretch the fact that this report is about dating. Actually it is really about Atlantic City and the Concert on the beach. Am I a fan of Blake? We shall refer to him as Blake now that I feel a closeness – seeing him from five blocks away stuffed very close to thousands of other fans, yes, I’m now a fan.

While I enjoy country music, I don’t follow it all that much, but I can attest to the fact that the songs are melodic and speak of love and lost love. They do require an ability to carry a tune and the really successful country singers have great voices with the exception of Johnny Cash who’s unique voice wasn’t that good but loved by many generations of fans.

So why am I at this concert if I don’t really know Blake? As your Atlantic City Dating/Relationship Examiner and living in town, how could I resist?

I just opened my Atlantic City real estate tax bill to find a 32% increase – are they kidding me! Sadly, they are not. The city is a fiscal reprobate and they need me along with the other taxpaying citizens to bail them out. It does appear that they finally ran out of OPM (other people’s money). Before the town goes the path of Detroit they figure we can afford to pay for their inability to cut budgets responsibly. As such, if I am going to support the entire city along with my like situated real estate owners; I should at least be entitled to a free concert. With all of this odd way of reasoning I feel that in some small way I am paying for this concert.

I get there about 45 minutes before Blake is set to go on. Wandering the boardwalk keeps me entertained. The boardwalk is a fun place. I can’t help but notice that the lines to get into this free concert are astonishingly long. There is no way the masses of people are going to get seated in a timely manner. To be more specific, 45 minutes after the concert started, the folks were still strolling to their anticipated spot in the sand (there are no seats for the masses).

This was one big concert venue. Even Blake commented several times that he never saw so many people and, “Can I come back next year,” was met with a resounding applause and hooting – something done by audiences to show approval. Not being a true country music fan I’m standing there astonished at the size of this crowd. The authorities estimated that there were 60,000 people who attended this concert. Now this is not my forte, but it certainly looked like well over 100,000 spectators especially if you include all the people on the boardwalk listening to the music on large screens projecting the concert. The crowd was enjoying every minute of the performance except for the one guy who had to relieve himself and they wouldn’t let him leave through the closest entrance. Instead they directed him to an entrance that looked way beyond the reasonable control of most bladders. Maybe he went in the ocean, which was closer than the designated exit.

Atlantic City needs these kinds of things. It makes everyone happy including the vendors who sell more stuff to more people and then they pay more taxes that means they can cut my tax bill. Yeah, right!

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