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Blake Shelton talks divorce rumors: 'It’s in turmoil and we’re gonna divorce'

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce rumors continue
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce rumors continue
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert heading for divorce court? "Voice" coach Shelton is making it clear that tabloids reporting that his marriage is "in turmoil" and that the country music stars are "gonna divorce" are all spreading false information.

Shelton recently appeared on TODAY and talked about his relationship with Lambert. He stressed that their marriage is solid and they are not divorcing, despite all of the rumors online and in gossip magazines.

A recent story that will appear in Life & Style's April 28 issue is just one of the rumors Shelton is talking about. Life & Style's source states in the article that Shelton was "sloppy drunk" at an acoustic concert for fans of "The Voice" and the couple had a "blowout" because she was "tired of being embarrassed by him."

However, Shelton denies that the couple are splitting up and made it clear that the rumors are not true.

The singer told Carson Daly, "I would take this opportunity to say, to clear the air, you may pick up a magazine or a tabloid any day of the week that’ll say something about my relationship with Miranda, and that it’s in turmoil and we’re gonna divorce ... And the truth is, I’ve never felt a stronger bond… not only with her but with any other human being in my life. I mean, Miranda and I, she’s my life.”

Gossip about their marriage is nothing new to the country music couple. In March 2013, Lambert and Shelton tweeted about the infidelity rumors that have been swirling around on the Internet.

Shelton tweeted, "Hey, Miranda . . . I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart. Fock!"

Miranda Lambert replied to his tweet with an edge of sarcasm aimed at those who were spreading rumors, tweeting, "Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not."

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