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Blake Shelton denies rumors he bought a new mansion in Tennessee

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Reports have been coming out for a while that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert bought a new huge mansion in Tennessee. On April 3, Blake was on "The Talk" and said that this is not true at all even though they have always had a house in Nashville for when they work there.

They asked Blake about the rumored multi-millionaire dollar mansion outside of Nashville. Blake said that it was fake. He said that they spend money on things like horse feed and that he doesn't know where this story came from besides out of a tabloid's a**. The original story came out about a month ago.

They went on to ask Blake a few other things. He did admit that he let Adam Levine beat him in arm wrestling though. He also admitted he cut his mullet because someone thought he was Terri Clark. The tattoo on his arm looks like ladybugs, but it is really deer tracks.

Don't miss Blake Shelton as a coach on "The Voice." It is a great season.

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