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Blake Shelton debunks Miranda Lambert divorce rumors; singers have strong bond

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When it comes to the rumors surrounding Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorcing, the tabloids have run wild with accusations. Splashed on the tabloids, the idea of the couple splitting has captured the attention of the fans and people want to know if it is true. According to the “Today Show” on Monday, the star’s marriage and personal life are doing fine. Blake Shelton reaffirmed their commitment to each other on the morning talk show.

“And the truth is, I've never felt a stronger bond with ... not only with her but with any other human being in my life.... Miranda and I — she's my life,” said Blake Shelton about the rumors.

So where are the rumors coming from? The singer is baffled where the private discussions about his marriage are being made public, but the fake turmoil sells papers. The Philly is reporting on Tuesday that the couple is celebrating three years of marriage and even with a strong front, there appears to be gossip running wild.

It is interesting that the two celebrities usually find themselves defending their marriage after a major award show. The ACMs were held earlier in the month and Miranda Lambert won several awards. Being seen on a national stage might have started the rumor mongers to step up again.

If viewers remember, last time the fake divorce rumors were rampant were right after the CMA Awards in November. The Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton rumors were so bad that the couple came out to debunk those inaccuracies too.

Our theory? The biggest country power couple is Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. The two have sold millions of singles, are very talented and could be a friend if you lived next door. This type of success stirs up jealousy for those folks who are insecure and need to pounce on someone else’s happiness so every time this couple is seen on live television the rumors start thanks to some backwoods blogger. It’s too bad though as Miranda and Blake keep pointing out how phony the rumors are and life is good for the Hollywood couple.

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