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Blake Shelton begs CeeLo Green to stay on ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton admits he will miss CeeLo Green on "The Voice"
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

CeeLo Green announced this week that he is leaving NBC’s “The Voice,” but according to a Country Weekly report on February 20, Blake Shelton tried to get him to stay.

Blake is quoted as saying:

I campaigned a lot for CeeLo to stay. And I knew what the network was doing with changing coaches in and out, but I figured . . . in the back of my mind I guess I hoped CeeLo would be back.

CeeLo Green has been a fixture on “The Voice” since it began in 2011, but after three years crammed with five seasons, none of them won by Team CeeLo, it looks like CeeLo Green is done with the show for good.

Some fans and newcomers entering the competition will undoubtedly wish that CeeLo Green had stayed. He provided a niche team for those contestants that saw themselves as a bit more quirky or unique. For others, CeeLo Green’s loss will be felt most in the strange and silly quotes he’d come up with such as what he said to runner up Jacquie Lee last year. When the 16 year old was able to sing Jackson Five’s “Who’s Loving You” with the maturity and talent of a seasoned performer, CeeLo’s comment to her was “It’s like you swallowed a little old lady.”

Of course, there are those on the other side of the coin that say it was CeeLo’s time to go, that he added nothing of value in the way of mentoring or inspiring winning contestants.

No matter what side fans of the show are on though, it appears that Blake Shelton will be sorry to see CeeLo go.

When “The Voice” returns for Season 6 on February 24, Usher will take the place of CeeLo Green.

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